Beth Brown

LuKeysha Isaac, RN
Chief Financial Officer

I grew up in Louisiana as the baby of eight siblings. With so many in the household sickness was a frequent occurrence. At my Grandmother’s side I cultivated my caring nature. Over the years, I have always enjoyed taking care of others and when I moved to Dallas, Texas in 1999, I aimed to secure a career doing just that. I obtained my nursing degree in 2010 and have since dedicated my life to helping others achieve a happy, healthier life. I am a family woman with a devotion to God, my wonderful husband Ben, and two beautiful children, Khadija and Privail. In times past, I have partnered with my husband to pastor the youth department at our church. Now, I spend my time away from work coaching a Junior Bible Quiz team and helping my husband promote community outreach programs for our church. As owner of HCA Richardson I want to personally Change the Way the World Ages by promoting a healthier life, mind, body, and spirit one client at time.

Ben Isaac, PhT, CDP
Client Care Specialist

I moved from Liberia with an accounting back ground from the University of Liberia to the United States in 2000, escaping retaliation from speaking against the Liberian Civil War and the senseless killing that claimed over 250,000 lives. While in Liberia I worked with Movement for Peace and Reconciliation as Vice President and Secretary, helping to secure grants for our rural community to heal.

I have since been serving the public in various capacities within the pharmacy setting. I married my beautiful wife in October 2006 and we have two wonderful children; Khadija and Privail. I enjoy giving back to my community that is why I took on the role of Director of Community Impact at my local church. We provide food for the homeless, care packages for the veterans in our local Salvation Army facility, and more. As client care specialist at HCA Richardson I aim to promote healthy mind, body and spirit among my clients.


Jordyn Bridge, BA of Health, CDP
Client Intake Coordinator

Jordyn Bridge is the client intake coordinator at Home Care Assistance of Richardson. Jordyn studied art and health science at Texas A&M University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health in 2014. Prior to Home Care Assistance, Jordyn spent two years as the director of operations for Wellfound, a legacy writing startup serving seniors and their families. Jordyn is passionate about delivering high quality, personalized care to every client.