Richardson Live-In Care Promotes a Higher Level of Independence

At Home Care Assistance of Richardson, TX, our 24-hour live-in care offers a lifeline for seniors who would otherwise feel unsafe remaining at home. It is a preferred option for those who wish to age in place but are facing limitations caused by medical concerns, cognitive decline, or advanced aging. With this choice, professional live-in caregivers are available to support seniors around the clock, making it possible to enjoy a higher level of independence in the privacy and comfort of home.

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24-Hour Live-In Care Benefits Seniors in a Variety of Ways

There are many reasons families choose live-in care from Richardson Home Care Assistance for their senior loved ones, including:

  • The opportunity to avoid change, which can cause stress, confusion, depression, and cognitive decline
  • Flexible care built around the senior’s preferences. As much or as little support is available as the senior chooses
  • Regular companionship, which is especially beneficial for frail or housebound seniors
  • Safe and reliable transportation that can help seniors continue to enjoy community activities, hobbies, and interests
  • Emotional support from a carefully matched caregiver who shares interests, personality traits, and preferences with the senior
  • Consistent care, typically provided by two caregivers. One is the primary caregiver, and the other covers the additional shifts necessary to ensure around-the-clock care

Enhancing Quality of Life with Holistic Live-In Care

The care and companionship needs of seniors are as unique as the clients we serve. We respect this fact, which is why our team works with families to develop a carefully crafted care plan for each client. The goals of the senior are considered, as well as home safety, physical and mental challenges, and the level of family involvement. As live-in care provides the opportunity to offer the most holistic care experience, care plans also include our innovative Balanced Care Method (BCM), a research-based program that focuses on the lifestyle choices and habits of cultures known for their long life expectancy rates. All live-in caregivers at Home Care Assistance Richardson are certified in BCM and utilize it to enhance the home care experience and quality of life for our valued clients.

Home Care Assistance in Richardson is recognized as a trusted leader in the home care industry. Our successful live-in care programs are part of the reason why. If your aging loved one is having difficulty remaining safely and comfortably at home, we are here to help. Call us at (469) 573-4213 to discuss your family’s needs and learn more about our premier in-home care programs.

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